Ongoing research news

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Selected press coverage of our research

    1. Rheumatology Rewards Innovative Imaging, Elsevier Global Medical News, 2011,
    2. Novel PET/CT device offers insight into inflammatory arthritis, Auntminnie, 2012,
    3. Active MRI Sheds Light on the Body in Motion, Reuters and Scientific American, 2013,
    4. The next step in MRI: New imaging technique shows the wrist in motion, UC Davis Press Office, 2014, picked up by several news outlets,
    5. MRI technique takes ‘movie’ of wrist in motion, UC Davis Press Office, 2014, picked up by Futurity, NIH and other entities,
    6. Knuckle cracking looks explosive, but causes no detectable harm, UC Davis press office, picked up by several other media outlets, 2015,
    7. MRI and Computer Modeling Reveals How Wrist Bones Move, UC Davis Press Office, 2019, picked up by Futurity, and several other news outlets,
    8. Tracking bone movement in wrists, The California Aggie and other media outlets, 2019,
    9. 3D Wrist bones in motion!, National Science Foundation Science Now Documentary, 2019,
    10. Under a Wrist, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences Biomedical Picture of the Day, 2019,
    11. Full body PET scan offers new way to assess inflammatory arthritis, UC Davis Press Office, 2022,
    12. Ultra-Low Dose Total Body PET/CT Effective for Evaluating Arthritis, Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2022,
    13. Real-time MRI captures wrists in motion, 2023, UC Davis Press Office: